What is WeHub?

WeHub is a community network, powered by the internet and created by members of the community in which it operates.

It uses internet-based technology to help people find out about businesses, non-profit organizations, events, sales & promotions... anything and everything local.

What problem does WeHub solve?

In a nutshell... communication.

While the internet can be an inexpensive and effective method of communication, it is not working well for small or rural communities. Well-funded businesses and organizations use their financial resources to obtain high positions in search results from Google, Bing and other search engines. This chokes out the small producer, the local rural business, the community association fundraiser.

Farmers, ranchers and small businesses of all kinds have difficulty reaching their local markets. Non-profit organizations and church groups staging fundraisers and events incur steep promotion expenses informing their neighbors, their communities and potential attendees from larger centers.

Since the funds for promotion are often not available, only a fraction of the community finds out about events and sources of goods and services in their own local area.

How does WeHub solve the problem?

WeHub provides a fiercely local search engine that reflects the interests of the community. It also provides free and low-cost tools so businesses and organizations can post information about goods, services, events and opportunities.

WeHub is democratic in its presentation of information, ensuring that the small and the under-funded elements of a community receive as much attention as the organizations with deeper pockets.

WeHub is designed to operate effectively on the low-speed internet connections that are often the only choice of rural residents.

Who benefits from WeHub?

The residents and businesses in your local community.

How do they benefit?

Consumers can easily find local goods and services. Businesses can communicate inexpensively with their local market. Non-profit associations and government organizations can make more people aware of their services. Citizens can know more about local events and fundraisers.

In other words people become more informed about all aspects of their community. This leads to more customers for local businesses, more attendance at events and fundraisers, more participation in community initiatives... resulting in greater resilience for the community as a whole.

More Information?

Please contact us.

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