Women Out Working (WOW)

WOW is a networking group for women in business and leadership roles. It sprung from a grassroots initiative facilitated by the Rural Alberta Business Centre (RABC).

WOW provides a forum where women meet to:

  • build supportive relationships
  • share best business practices
  • promote and build their businesses

WOW has several locations in Central Alberta. For more information please call Michelle @ RABC 403.895.1493

How to Join WOW

Come out and join us for a networking meeting.

That's it !! No membership application, no fee, (and no rules to speak of).

Becoming a WOW member by attending a meeting qualifies you to be included in this WOW directory, and to receive special discounts to promote your businesses and services on WeHub.

This is the beginning of our WeHub WOW directory. To have your information published, please email info@wehub.info

WOW Event Registration

There Are No Events Available for Registration at This Time

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