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Under the name of Incite Inspirations, Marnel Hesterman is an EFT Practitioner/Certified Life Coach currently working with adult women exclusively to relieve stress and emotions attached to trauma.

The Cause and Effect

You may experience trauma, emotional upset or stress in your life.

You stuff the negative emotions you were feeling related to those events and experiences down, because you believe that you just need to get on with life.

You create beliefs about life and about yourself based on the upsetting events and experiences in your life. Some of these beliefs serve you and some don’t.

All of these stuffed emotions and beliefs that no longer serve you may be causing stress in your mind, and body, because you have not processed them and released them.

If you think of an upsetting event and you still get emotional about it, you have not processed and released the emotions related to it and it is causing stress in your body and mind. We all know the effects of stress on our health.

At some point, these stuffed emotions may become too much and then you may feel anxious, and overwhelmed; you might even begin to develop aches and pains or sickness, and wonder why.

The beliefs that you developed about yourself based on upsetting events and experiences, could be what is causing limitation and self-sabotage in your life, and you may not be aware that you even have these beliefs about yourself.

I will help you and guide you to release negative emotions attached to memories. I will help you to ease the physical and emotional pains that you hold in your mind, body and soul. I will help you to get to the root of what is causing limitation and or self-sabotage in your life. I can help you to get past your fears and cravings as well.

I will help you to LET GO and MOVE ON.

All my sessions are backed by my NO RISK Guarantee! If you do not experience a shift in whatever you have come to work on, you do not pay!

About Marnel

I am a wife and mother. I took my EFT/Life Coach training several years ago, and with the support and encouragement of my family, I was able to start my own business 2 years ago. I am living my passion and purpose and find my work so fulfilling.

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