Brandy Novotney - Arbonne Independent Consultant


Arbonne is a Health and Wellness company, having a Pure, Safe, and Beneficial ingredient policy. Arbonne believes in a healthier lifestyle, and helping others to look and feel their best from the inside out. Offering over 400 different personal care and nutritional products, Arbonne can meet the needs of your whole household, from babies, to men, to Anti-Aging, and covers skin care, personal care, full cosmetics, nutritional supplements and protein, along with a sports and workout drink line.

For every product Arbonne offers, they meet the standards of being Vegan certified, Gluten Free certified, Cruelty free certified, petroleum free, paraben free, sodium laurel sulfate, and artificial sweeteners and flavors. Not to mention Arbonne follows European Health standards and regulations, along with North American standards. Arbonne uses a blend of science and nature to create high performing products with real results, with world class Pharmacist development.

I have been using Arbonne products for 10 years, and joined this company just because I found such amazing results with the products, and I loved getting them at a discount with a company I could trust. After having my second child, I really wanted to create a lifestyle I loved, being available to my family, and still having the satisfaction of a rewarding career.

You could say I wanted it all - and after creating this to become my full time career, I can say it offers me just what I was looking for! I love working with women in fun, casual atmospheres, in person, or from home, and setting my own hours.

I truly own my future and my life, and have enjoyed many rewards from becoming an entrepreneur with Arbonne, and my favorite part about this business, is showing other women how to become successful too.

We all succeed together.

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